Published Work

 Poem, Wild Birds in Nepal in Deep Wild Journal: Writing from the Backcountry, Volume 2—2020  •
 Poem, Inventing Words in The Bangalore Review, July 2020  •
 Poem, Two Poems in The New York Public Library Magazine, Issue 4  •
 Poem, Two Poems in Birmingham Arts Journal, Volume 17 Issue2  •
 Poem, New Delhi, Beyond the AQI in Wild Court at King's College London  •
 Poem, Three Poems in Shearsman magazine, Number 127 & 128  •
 Visual, Symmetry in The Indianapolis Review, Issue 14: Fall 2020  •
 Poem, Gratitude in Columba Poetry  •
 Non Fiction, To Shimla, From Madrid in Landlocked, Issue 2.2  •  Available in print here.
 Poem, Sacre Coeur in Digging Press  •
 Poem, Ava and I by the Schoolyard in Clackamas Literary Review at Clackamas Community College, Volume XXV  •  Available in print here.
 Poem, Mother’s Day on the Field in Hawai`i Pacific Review  •
 Poem, On the Subjugation of the Reader in The Madras Courier  •
 Poem, Quarantine in Tipton Poetry Journal, Issue 44, Spring 2020  •  Available in print here.
 Poem, Two Poems in Cypress Press  •
 Poem, Two Poems in Buddhist Poetry Review, Volume 3, Issue 4  •
 Poem, Two Poems in San Antonio Review  •
 Poem, Becoming in Smoke Magazine, Issue 67  •
 Poem, A Textbook Afternoon in Jaggery, Issue 15, Spring 2020  •
 Poem, Two Poems in The Blake-Jones Review  •
 Poem, House of Strangers in yolk., Volume 1.2  •
 Non Fiction, The Secret Garden in The Loch Raven Review, Volume 16, No. 2  •
 Visual, Catspotting in The Emerson Review at Emerson College, Boston, Volume 50  •
 Poem, A Lesson in Cooking in The Lincoln Review at the University of Lincoln, Issue 2  •
 Poem, My Beautiful in Clementine Unbound, August 2020  •
 Poem, Haiku in hedgerow: a journal of small poems, Number 132  •  Available in print here.
 Poem, Three Poems in Scarlet Leaf Review, Aug-Sep-Oct-Nov 2020 Issue  •
 Poem, Clockwork in Adelaide Literary Magazine, Number 38  •  Available in print here.
 Poem, Two Poems in The South Shore Review  •
 Poem, Three Poems in The Alipore Post
 Poem, A Winter In Delhi in Marías At Sampaguitas  •
 Poem, Darkroom in Ayaskala, May Mini Issue  •  Available in print here.
 Non Fiction, Rosé in Ayaskala, September Issue  •
 Poem, Three Poems in The Banyan Review, Issue 2  •
 Poem, And All, For This in Northwest Indiana Literary Journal  •
 Poem, Lines in Plum Tree Tavern  •
 Poem, A Homeward Letter in Stone of Madness Press, Issue 2  •
 Poem, Two Poems in Auroras & Blossoms Creative Literary Journal, Volume 2  •
 Poem, Water Caltrops in Autumn in Uppagus, Issue 42  •
 Poem, An Utter Lack Of Birds in Analogies & Allegories Literary Magazine, Issue 1  •  Available in print here.
 Poem, Pinwheels in Streetcake Magazine, Issue 68, Part 2  •
 Poem, Definitions in LAMP Poetry Collection, Dots Publications  •  Available in print here.
 Poem, My Body Is A Barrelhouse in Riggwelter Press, Issue 30  •
 Poem, On Poetry in River Bird Magazine  •
 Poem, Lesson Plan in Nightingale & Sparrow, Issue VII  •
 Visual, Night Sky, Saint-Gervais-Les-Bains in Royal Rose Magazine, Issue 5  •
 Poem, A Sunday in The Luna Collective, Summer II  •  Available in print here.
 Fiction, Growing Up in eFiction India, Volume 4, Issue 8  •  Available in print here.


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